Earth Aura Retreat - November 2018 - Costa Rica

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Do you feel like you need a deep, nourishing breath - one that can press the pause button on the busy tasks of life and open the space for deep regeneration, grounding + transformation?

Then, join me in Costa Rica this fall!

Katie Hess has designed the perfect, sacred container for change-makers, creatives and meditators to rest in deep ‘beingness’ - to sink into your own wisdom and soak up your magic.

She’ll lead the way with her decades of spiritual practice and herbal knowledge behind her, leaving us each with a greater tool kit for personal growth. I’ve never met anyone like Katie. Just being near her brings a tide of calm and a glimpse into the accessibility to realms other than what our eyes can see.

Why I’m Going

When Katie asked me to join her on this year’s Women’s Retreat to Costa Rica to offer Crystal Ear Seed Chakra Healing Therapy and Transformational Acupuncture Sessions - it was an instant ‘yes.’

…even though I’ve never left my three children for more than two nights at a time, even though I’ve got three business to run (one of which is less than a year old) and even though my husband can totally handle being on his own for a week (but never actually has) - I said ‘yes.’ There were several valid reasons to say “not this year,” but my soul needs this.

And while stepping away from my deeply rooted responsibilities for a week is daunting (and will require an immense amount of coordination and help from others), the gifts I’ll bring by taking this time to connect inward and serve other women, outweighs any doubt in my mind.

I yearn for quietude to reconnect with my inner wisdom. I yearn to be in community with other women. I yearn to learn from though leaders that embody radical change through ‘doing less.’

But what excites me most about this getaway is treating other women to a private healing session. Retreat experiences in and of themselves unlock so many blocks and stagnant energy, offering a rare opportunity to magnify results from an energy-based modality such as acupuncture.

I said ‘yes’ because I need this - body, mind and soul - just as much as you.

Why You Might Consider Going…

To be in community with other creative, wild and wonderous women.

To receive private healing sessions, of various modalities.

To soak in the sea.

To be in silence and stillness.

To meditate.

To learn about and be in ritual.

To bathe in the sunlight and wild expanse of nature

To access beautiful expressions of yourself have that been hidden.

To unravel knots and be fully yourself as you are.

To scale your impact in the world through the practice of ‘being.'


Enjoy the wisdom + magic of Flower Elixers in every beverage you sip.

Consider hitting the pause button on your life to join us. There are a few spots left and we would love to share in this with you.

Guest Post: How I Deal With My Rage

Guest Post: How I Deal With My Rage

It is such a pleasure to introduce Molly Caro May - author of the book 'Body Full Of Stars: Female Rage and My Passage Into Motherhood' - coming out later this month. In her personal story, she covers the important topic of post-partum emotions like anger and rage - an under-supported (and under-discussed) experience for many women.

As a mother of three (pumping milk as I write this intro) and in my work with women of all ages, I am passionate about the topic of female emotional health - to find effective ways to use strong emotions as a tool for growth and move through them.

Molly does so beautifully in her book, and has gifted us a bit of that journey below. Enjoy her prose and practical tips for navigating the uncertain waters of female rage. Whether you are a mother or not, this information is deeply vital.

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Flower Lounge PodCast Interview: Getting to the Root

Katie Hess of Lotuswei has started a podcast called the Flower Lounge. If you don't know her work - she is a flower alchemist, visionary, adventurer and truly bright light in this world.  In this fresh new series, she weaves beautiful storytelling with practical tips to up the vibrancy of your life.

And she chose ME as one of her guests! I am beyond grateful. In our episode, we talk about the overarching emotional themes behind physical symptoms, covering topics like:

  • Why it’s important to create a business style that’s all your own
  • How to navigate through life’s difficult transitions
  • Identifying an imbalance in your life + tapping into your own self-healing powers
  • Some of my favorite herbs
  • The Five Element Theory + your Constitutional Factors
  • Protecting your ‘Shen’ + soothing internal disruptions
  • The evolving concept of ‘time’, and how to make time a friend, instead of an enemy

Click below to listen to our chat about "Getting to the Root" and subscribe for new episodes from other healers coming weekly. Enjoy!

Surrender Into Metal

Surrender Into Metal

Moving from the momentum of summer, through the grounding of Earth, we arrive at one of my favorite seasons - Autumn - ruled by the Metal element. A time of year great for letting go of waste in your life (physical and meta-physical) and cleaning up the temple of your body.

But, what does it actually mean to "let go"? And how do we know if we are doing it? These are questions attuned with the precision of Metal, offering up the perfect opportunity to practice mastering the opposing forces of action and surrender.

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Brunch At My Place

Brunch At My Place

I have a deep appreciation for food, and aim to integrate the wisdom from various lineages to create the most optimal nourishment plan for myself, my family, and my clients. This post takes an honest peek into what a brunch at my place looks like (with a very special guest), links to some fabulous recipes, and the essential tricks I've found to be the most useful to uplevel nutrient density while not ignoring comfort, decadence and taste.

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Finding Yin in the Tetons: Featured Article in New Wu Magazine


This month, on August 21st 2017, there will be a total-eclipse of the sun - the first one visible from the United States since 1979. And, Jackson WY happens to be one of the strategic locations for complete visibility of this rare celestial event. 

If you are lucky enough to be in the Jackson Hole area during this month, pick up a copy of New Wu Magazine and check out my featured article "Finding Yin in the Tetons." Or, if you won't be traveling to this neck of the woods, you can read it online here - page 49.

Be Free From Hormonal Symptoms and Tune-In to Your Inner Compass (Recording Inside)

Two years ago I closed the doors to my clinical practice in New York, NY and transitioned to remote consulting. In doing so, I've been able to hone in on the specific tools to help women transform symptoms, break-free from limiting beliefs and step-in to a life of purpose.

It's been amazing.

When women begin the journey of transforming hormonal symptoms, their whole world opens up. And vice-versa. When a women is in alignment with her truth and deeply lit-up by her life, her hormones (and health) fall into balance. This seemingly effortless effect is not random, and when harnessed, women have the ability to unlock limitless wisdom and potential in any moment - because of their hormones.

I've learned these truths from my work with women, my studies and my own healing journey. Over the years I've identified key patterns within women's health so that any woman can vividly step into a life on purpose and free from symptoms.

Learn how in my first-ever Tele-Class Recording below.


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Find Hormonal Balance AND Intuitive Connection Through Fire and Water

Find Hormonal Balance AND Intuitive Connection Through Fire and Water

I speak to my community and my clients a lot about the link between female reproductive hormones and intuition - the combination offers up guidance for your health and life decisions.  My own intuitive guidance and my fifteen-plus years experience in women's health have proved this theory time and time again. Additionally, the wisdom of Chinese Medicine has a very practical way of verifying this claim through it's knowledge of the heart-kidney connection.

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The Summer of Fire

The Summer of Fire

The Fire Element in Chinese Medicine has always eluded me. The obvious aspects - like warmth and energy - made sense, but there was a deeper meaning that I just couldn't seem to connect with...ironic since a big part of the fire element is about internal/external connection.

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Hormone Balance as Intuitive Guidance

Hormone Balance as Intuitive Guidance

There is a game of internal tug-of-war within a woman's health - a relationship between living a life connected to her innate purpose and hormonal symptoms. I see it time and time again - from menstrual discomfort, fertility concerns to peri-menopausal symptoms. The dynamic flow of hormonal balance (or, imbalance) is not only a matter of physiological health - but also deeply rooted in how connected we are to our intuitive self.

In this post, I'll discuss the important role of transforming resistance in service of physiological hormonal symptoms - plus three ways to begin doing this today.

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Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by...

Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by...

Hello! My name is Erin and I am the proud mama to those two adorable little girls in that photo up there, wife to the amazingly talented and inspirational artist Borbay, and a deeply passionate women's health and wellness practitioner. I founded this virtual practice out of my love for educating and inspiring others to step into their most blissful life, by owning their health.

In 2015, I closed my brick and mortar practice in the heart of New York City after seven years, to embark upon a sabbatical with my family. We traveled, explored, played and visioned. About half way through our year on the road, I began to study with some mentors and work with clients remotely. Both of these experiences enriched my life in ways that surprised me. Click to read more about my transition from brick-and-morter clinical work to engaging in phone-consulting with clients.

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