The Summer of Fire

The Fire Element in Chinese Medicine has always eluded me. The obvious aspects - like warmth and energy - made sense, but there was a deeper meaning that I just couldn't seem to connect with...ironic since a big part of the fire element is about internal/external connection.

Over the past ten years of practicing Chinese Medicine, I've become more familiar with the understanding of Fire and how it relates to our health, well-being and hormones.

Fire represents connection, socialization and community. The summertime is often characterized by a new sense of energy and momentum to be out and about in your world. And yet, the internal connections that create harmony in your biology are also governed by Fire.

The Heart is enveloped by the fire element - keeping you warm, your blood pumping and your whole system running smoothly. But the heart also houses your Shen, often translated to "Spirit." It's that part of you that knows your truth and helps to govern other systems in the body in service of your highest potential. Shen communicates most often through your intuition.

Your wise, wonderful hormones offer a direct link to your intuition.

So as you leap into the buzzing energy of the warm summer - hopefully showing off your perfect cannonball - remember to also take a moment of stillness to connect with your Shen. See what speaks there. The energy this time of year is ripe for communication with your inner truth.

In Health,