I wanted to let you know that I have made remarkable strides in my health and can finally say I feel 100% myself again, but better :) I even look like my old self again which in itself a miracle . It’s been an incredibly rich journey for me back to myself. And I know now that the cure for the pain is in the pain. I am still on my journey of course but at least now I have my health and my wits about me. From this position I can get through anything. Thank you! Our work together was invaluable.
— Elaine, age 48
After I finished breast cancer treatment in Feb 2016, I looked to Erin to help ignite my cycle and fertility after chemo. After a month of getting my digestion back on track, my period returned and within 3 months my husband and I were blessed to be pregnant. All the time Erin was there supporting me - offering me advice, a kind ear, and being the most wise woman I know. Erin’s knowledge and lifestyle is one that inspires and after talking to her - even just for a few minutes - my mood is elevated and I know I have the emotional power and strength to handle anything.
— LL, age 34
Erin’s knowing, understanding and empathy make her a caring and intuitive practitioner. She was always completely in accordance with knowing exactly what I needed with each session and I consistently had successful outcomes.
— Kate, age 44
Erin has such a gift - my life has transformed since we started working together. I feel so held with each of our calls, and her emails always make me feel loved. Every time. I hope she never stops being a coach. The world needs her. I need her. Our one call today was worth the price of my entire package.
— Tami, age 28, career/relationship changes and longterm PMS symptoms

Professional Praise

Erin is instrumental in positively changing the lives of the many fortunate people who are her patients. I have the highest respect for Erin as a person as well as a clinician.
— Mike Berkley, The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, NYC
I was fortunate enough to work with Erin as I prepared for my first pregnancy. Her grasp of Chinese herbal medicine is profound and I found the custom herbal formulas she prescribed had deep and lasting effects, particularly in how well I felt postpartum. Erin is also my go to inspiration for nutrition and food based healing. I love her recipes! She has transformed my way of eating in so many ways. She melds the compassionate listening of a doula, the sharp intuitive guidance of a clinician, and the nurturing patience of a mom to her practice. Its truly a gift to work with her!
— Katinka Locascio, Earth and Sky Healing Arts, NYC
I started seeing Erin in NYC for acupuncture for fertility - we met at one of the most fragile periods of my life. Erin was incredible; she was nurturing and immensely knowledgable. She never said anything was impossible and instilled hope, which had previously been in short supply. Within four months, I was successfully pregnant. I credit acupuncture with Erin along with her supplement and lifestyle recommendations with my daughter, Penelope. There are no words to express my ultimate gratitude.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to connect with Erin on my radio show, and she consistently impresses me with the scope and extent of her clinical knowledge, her warmth and intellect, and absolute dedication to helping women better their health and lives. Working with Erin in any and all capacities is a joy and a gift.
— Dr. Carly Snyder MD

Irregular Periods (over age 40)

Erin is so compassionate and treats the whole mind body spirit. I loved every aspect of working with Erin, she is the most caring and committed practitioner I have ever met. In addition to her compassion she is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable, always taking in what you’re telling her and adjusting accordingly. And she was always available for any questions and always had time for me, always. You really feel like you have someone on your side who genuinely cares about you, it’s the most comforting feeling.

After my very first session with Erin I began to feel better. Erin is a wealth of information on everything you could want to know about woman’s health. She gave me great nutritional advice, specific food changes that made an enormous difference. And her herbal formulas that she had mad specifically to my needs proved to be invaluable. When I came to Erin I had not had my period in 3 months. Within one month of working with her I got my period on day 28 and it continued like that each month. Working with Erin was life changing for me. She got my periods back and she got me in the best health of my life.
— Elaine, age 45

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and Weight Loss

I turned to Erin when Western medicine failed to provide any relief or solutions to my hormonal problems which included severe cramps and heavy bleeding. I had recently undergone a surgery which my gynecologist assured would solve all my problems, and it only made things worse. I knew very little about alternative healing, but I was desperate for something to work. I called Erin, she was warm and gave me a sense of hope, so I decided to give it a try. Then Erin changed my life.

The first thing she did was recommend some diet changes and some nutritional supplements. I was desperate and willing to do exactly what she said to get my health under control. She gave me the option to ease in, but I made drastic changes to my diet and I took the supplements- which were different but easy. Within the first 3 months I had clear signs of improvement, and by 6 months I was significantly better. I followed her advice as close as I could, and it paid off. After about 1 year, all my symptoms were under control, then I decided I wanted to lose weight. Through nutritional consultations Erin helped me lose about 30 lbs. She was able to identify what my body needed, and then she taught me. My overall health and quality of life have improved so much because of Erin. I highly recommend her!
— Laura, age 40

Anxiety & Fertility

I knew very little about chinese medicine, acupuncture and diet when I first began seeing Erin. I was struggling with anxiety and wandering a bit aimlessly, trying to treat mood and skin issues, with an eye toward pregnancy that I was beginning to doubt was attainable. Under Erin’s care, I really found a way back to myself, I found ways to heal. She helped me with the blueprint for a supportive, fertility-friendly lifestyle, and a nourishing, nutrient-dense diet that was (and is) manageable. Erin helped me find a still point, a release from anxiety, and lightness that I had not experienced with any other practitioner. I felt nourished and cared for. I was able to get pregnant relatively quickly, and I had a terrifically healthy pregnancy, baby and post-partum – and I believe that my work with Erin was critical in that respect.
— Catherine, age 40


Erin helped me get my digestion on track, get my period back after chemo, and was able to get pregnant naturally within a few months of working with her. I started working with Erin remotely in July 2016. This was an emotional time for me as I had just finished breast cancer treatment in Feb 2016, and was waiting for my period to come back in the hopes of getting pregnant. Within a short time working with her over the phone and email my period came back, and within 3 months my husband and I were blessed to be pregnant. All the time Erin was there supporting me offering me advice, a kind ear, and being the most wise woman I know. Erin’s knowledge and lifestyle is one that inspires and after talking to her even if it’s just for a few minutes my mood is elevated and I know I have the emotional power and strength to handle anything.
— Liza, age 35
I came to Erin with the hopes of trying to conceive at the age of 48 with my frozen eggs. I love working with Erin. She is has an impeccable bed side manner, is super supportive, empathetic and sympathetic. A woman wise beyond her years. I knew that I was receiving the best treatment in preparation for my implantation. I supplemented with herbal formulas (and still do post partum).
— Ivette, age 49
Erin is extremely knowledgeable and has a very calm presence and was a wealth of information on so many topics while I worked with her during my fertility journey (from nutrition to Chinese herbs and their intersection with western treatments). She was also very generous with the information she shared — she would often answer emails or calls in between my sessions and would provide additional guidance and resources whenever she could. I would highly recommend her to friends and family!
— Amber, age 32
Spending time talking openly with Erin, and having someone I could cry to and confide in was so important to me. She kept me feeling that I was doing the right things, encouraging me to think positive thoughts and not to blame myself for waiting until I was too old to have a baby or things like that. She gave me tips for other things I could do beyond our visits (e.g., foods to eat, vitamins, taking my temperature). I felt truly cared for and it helped a lot. Thank you for helping us have our little angel!
— Keri, age 36

Secondary Infertility

I think the most helpful piece of advice that Erin provided was to remind me that I was not ‘losing time’. In the road through infertility, you often feel like it is a race against the clock. Talking with Erin helped me to realize that every month, we were learning something new about my body, and getting closer to the end goal. I was not losing time, rather, I making progress. Erin is incredibly competent in the language of infertility. I was so impressed with her knowledge of the various medications, injections and procedures. She was a great help to me as I was starting on a new regimen and was feeling uneasy. I really appreciated that I could talk to someone who had experience with both the Western medicine treatment, and the holistic approach. I really felt like I was tackling the issue from all sides, and that made me feel more in control of my treatment.
— Kara, age 36

Pregnancy Loss

Erin has an uplifting perspective, and provides a unique blend of expertise in both eastern and western medicine. Upon first meeting her, I knew that I wanted to pursue this form of alternative medicine, if not just for the potential benefits it could provide, but also to get to know and add to my “team” of healers a warm and empathetic woman. I found that her recommendations generally (and particularly those relating to nutrition and herbal supplements) complemented the advice provided by my medical team. Erin developed a very specific treatment plan for me, which consisted of weekly acupuncture treatments, periodic use of herbal supplements, and ongoing nutritional advice. Erin’s treatment plan was motivated and informed by her knowledge of both eastern and western medicine and her consistent and conscientious efforts to understand exactly what I was going through at any given moment. She made changes to my treatment plan seamlessly when medical changes arose — both expected and unexpected. Erin is not only a consummate professional and skilled practitioner but also a kind and compassionate person who genuinely cares for each patient.
— Elizabeth, age 38

Pregnancy and Post Partum

I conceived and carried three pregnancies full-term with healthy deliveries under Erin’s care. Erin has deep knowledge and intuition about each of her clients, and is able to personalize care and get results. I would definitely recommend Erin to anyone looking to increase their fertility, have a safe and healthy pregnancy, or just improve their general health and well-being!
— Shannon, age 42

Cramping and PMS

I have had problems with my menstrual cycle since the beginning of time. You name the symptoms I receive them in heavy doses each month without fail (nausea, vomiting, cramping, heavy flow, bed ridden, etc). I took birth control pills for about two years and they did help with the pain but I never liked the idea of using them over a long period time. That’s when my sister told me about Erin, who had found relief for her menstrual cramping. Erin has been great. In a soothing voice and gentle touch she reassures me and let’s me know her next steps before she acts. I started working with her about a week before my period and in just that short amount of time the difference was phenomenal. For the first time in my life I am actually looking forward to next month’s period. Erin is a miracle worker and a godsend! I feel so much better!
— Jocette, age 29

Hormonal Hair Loss

Thank you so much for your patience and help in getting my scalp tingling and hair loss under control. This was at a time when western medicine was failing me completely. Every night I would go to bed in agony and fearful that I would wake up completely bald. Dermatologists and endocrinologists gave me steroid shots I didn’t need and charged me a fortune basically to tell me what I already knew (which was that I should not have initially changed my hormonal prescription). The Chinese herbs (which I admit I was skeptical about) – were a real asset in stabilizing the situation. I have a full head of hair now with minimal loss and only slight tingling at times. Very few doctors (even in New York) have a good handle on hormonal hair loss in women and it was great to have a partner by my side.
— Laura, age 48

Peri-Menopausal Hot Flashes

Erin is a compassionate, dedicated practitioner and a careful listener. I felt very comfortable talking about extremely personal topics, and trusted her completely with any confidential information. She is proactive and works hard to find the best treatment possible. I would recommend working with her without hesitation. I had significant hot flash and night sweat issues that were affecting sleep and quality of life, and I came to Erin because I had already decided not to pursue hormone replacement therapy and was interested in other options. She was very effective in creating an alternative course of treatment, while respecting restrictions against using herbal supplements put in place by my opthamologist. Within a few months, in combination with the acupuncture sessions I was also receiving from Erin, there was a measurable difference in my overall comfort without any negative side effects. Many of my symptoms have disappeared, and any remaining ones continue to lessen. What I like best about Erin is Erin!
— Amy, age 58
The day I said yes to working with Erin was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The transformation - shifts in every aspect of my life.
— Ann, age 27

Childhood Behavioral Concern

Jack [age 6] is doing remarkably well now. I really think that a lot of it can be attributed to the nutritional guidance that you gave us. His state of mind is like night and day. Now he’s laughing and smiling and having a good time, whereas before he was more likely to be punching the dolls and throwing things and sobbing.
— Alexis, mom to Jack (age 6)