Hormone Balance as Intuitive Guidance

A woman has the unique capacity to enjoy a relationship between living a life connected to her innate purpose and her hormonal symptoms - the two forces mutually enhancing and communicating with each other. I see it time and time again - from menstrual discomfort, fertility concerns to peri-menopausal symptoms. The dynamic flow of hormonal balance (or, imbalance) is not only a matter of physiological health or nutrition - but also deeply rooted in how connected she is to her intuitive self.

So when I work with a woman experiencing hormonal symptoms, we inevitably also work on her life-symptoms. How aligned is she with her purpose? Has she been able to cultivate deep desires in her life? What are the undertones of her current truths and how vibrantly are they being expressed and heard?

Sure - food, herbs, movement, meditation and lifestyle techniques reduce inflammation and balance hormones, but I've come to learn that cultivating a true holistic hormonal relationship within ourselves comes from integrating this deeper soul piece - leading to health autonomy and symptom resolution.

This concept was first introduced to me by Dr. Christiane Northrup in her book: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. I remember reading passages about fibroids as a manifestion of stifled creativity, or breast pain tied to lack of self-nourishment. This not only blew my mind but made perfect intuitive sense. Since that time, I've integrated the wisdom of traditional healing systems around the world to further cultivate this idea - developing tools for invoking individual calling and connection in service of my client's hormonal health.

Moving Through Resistance

Resistance is simply stagnation, the antithesis to health and growth. Fluid movement is the foundation of our entire physiology - especially when it comes to female endocrine balance and emotional health. We all have narratives that we've created around our life experience that have become so fundamental to our identity that we may not even be aware of what they are. We just go through life accepting them as "who we are."

This is fine if our narrative has been serving us, rooted in connection with our sacred self. But, many times, these beliefs are actually adopted and do not serve us - they may even be holding us back from stepping in to our full potential in life, and health. Transforming them can be anywhere from a simple shift to a complete revolution of our world as we know it. As women, it is very common that our hormones are the first to pick up on this mental stagnation.

Every time resistance comes up, especially in pursuit of our dreams and deep truths, the initial reaction is to move away - or, allow the resistance and excuses to dictate our next move. It's a protective mechanism - but it actually isn't protecting us from anything. Instead, it is keeping our fear in the drivers seat, and moving us further away from experiencing the true joy and freedom laying on the other side of that resistance (and claiming vibrant hormone balance).

By leaning in to the resistance - we begin the important process of moving through our own blocakges. By creating movement where we are stuck, we unlock not only powerful healing potential (resolving hormonal discomfort), but also open the floodgates to receiving our deepest desires.

So how exactly can we transform resistance? Below are three of my favorite tricks you can try. Remember, true change can be messy work, so be gentle and kind with yourself. Have patience and enlist spiritual or coaching support if you need it.


1. Get Your Hopes Up

Did your mama say "don't get your hopes up" to you, too? It is a phrase shared with the intention of love, via the instinct to protect those we care about from ever experiencing suffering. But, in reality, we can't lessen (or increase) anyone's suffering but our own. Don't get your hopes up encourages you to notice a dream with the condition that you likely won't get to experience it.

This kind of thought has already destroyed the ability to unlock abundance, much less receive it - keeping you locked in the cage of your limiting belief.

This theory of holding back emotionally on your dreams promises protection from the pain of defeat if the dream does not come to fruition. But, this is false protection. The pain of not realizing your goal (or the perception that you didn't realize it) hurts just as much whether you got your "hopes up" or not. Furthermore, you haven't actually unlocked any energetic momentum to helping that dream come to true.

It's time to get off the merry-go-round and fully commit to what you want, from the heart, regardless of how the outcome plays...commit unconditionally to your truth.

Lean in to your resistance and get your hopes up! Believe in the new reality you want to cultivate. Use positive affirmations, meditation and visualization to transform the limiting thought into one of great abundance.

Sure, you'll feel like your "faking it" - but do it anyways. Practice makes perfect. Your confidence will eventually shift, resulting in lasting transformation of not only your psyche but your physiological health.

2. Feel All the Feels

Suffering, pain, discomfort, grief, heartache...these are all emotions that are a part of human existence just as much as joy, elation and love. To assume that we can protect ourselves (or, others) from feeling the so-called "negative" emotions is like saying we don't need air to breathe. Health is optimized when we can experience an emotion, feel it however it needs to be felt, and transform it.

And you better believe that when you start working with internal resistance, a host of uncomfortable emotions usually surface.

The trick to deep intuitive connection is not to avoid discomfort, rather, the resistance is there because you are pushing up against something big. When you can recognize these discomforts as merely a protective mechanism and not let it take control of your experience, then you can remain in the drivers seat. You become the witness to your emotional experience and not swept up in the tornado of it.

Feel all the emotions and realize them as an experience you are having, not the definition of your being. This kind of curiosity will help keep overwhelming feelings at enough of a distance that you can work with them.

3. Friend-ing Your Fear

Fear, like resistance, is not the enemy - it is there for our survival, and probably the most prevalent emotion to deal with when transforming inner narratives. Fear pops up when our life-as-we-know-it is in danger (and most people experiencing physical, emotional and/or spiritual symptoms are looking to move out of the life-that-they-know).

Because we are dynamic, conscious human beings, transforming a fundamental belief about ourselves or moving in the direction of a big dream can be perceived as threatening to our very existence as much as a bear attack. It's important to recognize this, and appreciate fear for the job it is trying to do.

Just like your mama, it's trying to keep you safe (and alive).

Fear functions on reflex, so when it learns that a new level of thinking or belief is safe, then that becomes the new baseline. We never get to be free of fear in search of our personal growth, but we do get to have a better relationship with it.

By taking your fear by the hand, showing it the safety map and moving forward despite feeling afraid - you are unlocking new programming in your psyche. You are learning to work in service of your truth instead of service of your fear.

Lean In to Hormone Balance

Think about this - transforming thought patterns is fundamentally shattering your definition of yourself, no wonder there is pain and fear involved! It is hard to change the perception of ourselves we have been walking around with (and acquiring) for our whole lives - it may be downright excruciating. But, it is so essential to our spiritual growth and freedom - and, our hormonal health.

Whether you are a teenager just experiencing hormonal shifts, well into your reproductive years or post-menstruating - your hormones are deeply connected to your inner wisdom. By cultivating a relationship with this part of yourself, you'll gain deeper insight into your unique hormonal landscape (and vice-versa).

You have the power to fully receive what you want in life and enjoy hormonal balance - and it starts by leaning into it.