My First E-Book! (free download for you)

Flower Elixers for Women's Wellness

After personal and professional experience with the lovely Lotus Wei products, I've become wildly inspired by the incredible potential of Flower Elixers on women's health. To that end, I eagerly accepted the honor to collaborate with founder Katie Hess on a super juicy, downloadable e-book: Flower Elixers for Women's Wellness.

What You'll Discover Inside:

  • 6 life-changing benefits of a healthy + dynamic endocrine system
  • Top 6 flower elixirs I recommend for women seeking support in balancing their reproductive system, enhancing fertility + adapting smoothly to our ever-changing bodies
  • A collaborative list of additional resources (books, online courses, websites, people) for you to continue your hands-on approach to your health + happiness

I hope you'll check it out! And maybe you'll even find some flowers that resonate with where you are at right now. If you have personal questions about what flowers might be right for you, please drop me a note!

Hormone Balance as Intuitive Guidance

Hormone Balance as Intuitive Guidance

There is a game of internal tug-of-war within a woman's health - a relationship between living a life connected to her innate purpose and hormonal symptoms. I see it time and time again - from menstrual discomfort, fertility concerns to peri-menopausal symptoms. The dynamic flow of hormonal balance (or, imbalance) is not only a matter of physiological health - but also deeply rooted in how connected we are to our intuitive self.

In this post, I'll discuss the important role of transforming resistance in service of physiological hormonal symptoms - plus three ways to begin doing this today.

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