Hormone Balance as Intuitive Guidance

Hormone Balance as Intuitive Guidance

There is a game of internal tug-of-war within a woman's health - a relationship between living a life connected to her innate purpose and hormonal symptoms. I see it time and time again - from menstrual discomfort, fertility concerns to peri-menopausal symptoms. The dynamic flow of hormonal balance (or, imbalance) is not only a matter of physiological health - but also deeply rooted in how connected we are to our intuitive self.

In this post, I'll discuss the important role of transforming resistance in service of physiological hormonal symptoms - plus three ways to begin doing this today.

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Optimizing Fertility at Any Age

There are many good reasons women decide to delay having children until their mid-to-late thirties, one of which is usually not enhanced fertile health. Women today are inundated with reasons as to why it will be more difficult – if not impossible – to conceive after the age of thirty-five. And, yet, we know from the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine (and other traditional healing systems) that a woman’s fertility is not simply a spiral downward, diminishing with each passing month from menarche to menopause, but that she has the capacity to actually increase her fertile health as she ages.

What to know how?  Hop on over to Dr. Carly Snyder's blog, where I illustrate the five steps for optimizing fertility if you want to get pregnant right now or to lay a healthy foundation for pregnancy later in life.

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