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The Jump From In-Person Connection to a Phone Line

Hello! My name is Erin and I am the proud mama to those two adorable little girls in that photo up there, wife to the amazingly talented and inspirational artist Borbay, and a deeply passionate women's health and wellness practitioner. I founded this virtual practice out of my love for educating and inspiring others to step into their most blissful life, by owning their health.

In 2015, I closed my brick and mortar practice in the heart of New York City after seven years, to embark upon a sabbatical with my family. We traveled, explored, played and visioned. About half way through our year on the road, I began to study with some mentors and work with clients remotely. Both of these experiences enriched my life in ways that surprised me.

Having received my education since college through on-site learning and clinical work through hands-on treatment with clients — I'm used to being physically present to fully integrate the experience before me. So to sit at home, serving others and being served, and yet not feeling a sense that something was missing, was a revelation. I could see tangible results in the clients I was working with, and was able to ignite a therapeutic relationship transcending distance. Location was no longer a boundary, and I found myself free to connect (and be connected with) women from anywhere in the world. I'm truly both humbled and excited to serve in this way.

And so here we are...with the launch of this new site, which will serve as a landing pad for learning and self-development for women — as mothers, daughters, sisters, dreamers and doers. I hope you'll check back for new articles that may serve you, and if you feel inclined to stay connected, please sign up for my Newsletter, or find me on Instagram. Below, you'll discover more about my process in developing ErinBorbet.com. I'd love to learn more about you, too! Please drop me a note anytime.

One Hand Tied

Understanding the botanical world is what propelled me into getting my Masters degree in Chinese Medicine in the first place. I had an interest for acupuncture, but a real passion for herbs and nutrition. I've always used herbs and natural remedies at home, and the majority of my private acupuncture clients used them, as well. Time after time, I saw the benefit herbal formulas offered in-between our sessions for symptom-recovery, and also the dramatic healing impact of nutritional changes. Perhaps most importantly — I witnessed lives change. When my clients began to integrate a nourishing and individualized protocol into their daily lives, endless possibility (and empowerment) cracked open.

With remote consulting, I must restrain the acupuncture arm of my toolkit, and serve fully with the tools I am most passionate about: nutrition and herbal medicine. While I am still a major advocate for acupuncture, and recommend it frequently to my remote consulting clients, as well as receive regular treatment myself, it is refreshing to hone in these other crafts I hold so dear.

People's Medicine

I consider access to herbal remedies and nutrition a basic human right. How frequently and confidently you use these tools on a regular basis depends largely on your level of curiosity. There is a plethora of information out there — one can easily find answers to questions and begin their own healing immediately. And when self-study isn't quite cutting it, professionals like myself can help illuminate constitutional tendencies, and offer an individualized strategy.

This is probably my favorite aspect in working remotely with my clients — the opportunity to educate and inspire. When a client is seeking advice and perspective, we chat. Perhaps the goal is big-picture, and we set up several sessions to provide deep individualized support.  Other times, a single call 'tune-up' is enough to enlist transformation. Regardless, the goal is ultimately to equip you with the knowledge required to integrate these accessible and natural tools into your daily life. Throughout life, we can and should each be our own best advocate and preventative health expert.

Heart Connection

When I first thought about working remotely, I'll admit — I didn't think it was possible. The work I do is energetic on so many levels, and I wondered — would it work if I couldn't touch, or be physically present with my client? Pulse-taking was a huge component of my diagnostic toolkit that I have refined over the years, and it was daunting to know that wouldn't be readily accessible when working remotely.

So, I decided to try it for myself - from the perspective of the client. I started working remotely with a health coach, and boy, was I shocked at the impact. Not only we were able to make huge strides in my goals (in a relatively short period of time), but I feel like she knew me better than many of the practitioners I'd seen in person. This got me thinking, and exploring, and meditating on the subject at length.

And what I realized is that energy work does not require physical presence. In fact, sometimes, tele-connecting allows for more honest and open communication without the witness of eyes. It also creates the space to fully integrate an energetic experience, such as an intuitive healing, without the pressure of another person being physically present holding visual witness. "Tuning-in" to someone and giving them access can happen through any span of distance. Coupled with being acutely attentive to clients and providing clear support, can make for a deeply therapeutic connection - even over a phone-line. In addition to feeling a shift after a simple call, my clients have actionable tools to implement immediately, transitioning them into the drivers seat of their own personal healing - and this is when lives change.

Transition to Mom

Becoming a mother was a life-long dream. After a year of sabbatical from work, and with my two little ones to tend to full-time, I learned two non-negotiable facts about motherhood for me:

  1. I will not miss the early years of my children's life by working long hours; and
  2. I must work, with women, in service of their health.

Thankfully, being an entrepreneur lends itself well to creating a work-life balance for my family. For that reason, I work limited hours, take a finite number of clients each month and prioritize childcare with several back-up solutions. These are my commitments to my family and to my clients, so I can be fully present during calls, and respond daily to emails (except on Sundays...that's my no clean / no internet day).

Becoming a mom also taught me a lot about the importance of self-care, dissolving limiting beliefs like "mom-guilt" and opened a window into how our hormones interplay with this dynamic identity shift. I have a deeper understanding and reverence for the female spirit, and have ignited a passion to help others connect to their truth, so they can discover the freedom we all so desperately yearn for.

Off the Grid

Well, not really. But when my family moved from Manhattan to a rural town in Idaho with a population under 2000, it kind of felt like we did! Yes, we have running water and all the amenities of modern day, but life became slower. Which, for now, is a good thing. My husband needed it, I needed it and our kids needed it.

Living in a rural setting lends itself well to connecting with clients remotely. From "the middle of nowhere", I can reach women in Europe, LA, New York City, rural Minnesota and Australia. It's exciting to expand my community without boundary of location... to connect and serve remarkable women around the globe. With experience living in gigantic cities like New York City, Shanghai, Lima, San Diego and San Jose - I can relate to the struggles metropolitan women face when trying to incorporate a more natural life while living in a city. Its a real pleasure to integrate these two sides of myself, serve women wherever they may be located, and at whatever transition in life they might be facing.

So That's My Story

And I'm so glad you listened to it — I'd love to hear yours! It's my true hope that this website becomes a place to inspire and educate - and your contribution through comments and the feedback bar to the right, are the foundations of this ideal coming to fruition. And don't forget to hop on over to Instagram, where I love to socially connect. If you find yourself in the Jackson Hole, area, let's have a real-live-in-person-cuppa-tea!