Surrender Into Metal

Surrender Into Metal

Moving from the momentum of summer, through the grounding of Earth, we arrive at one of my favorite seasons - Autumn - ruled by the Metal element. A time of year great for letting go of waste in your life (physical and meta-physical) and cleaning up the temple of your body.

But, what does it actually mean to "let go"? And how do we know if we are doing it? These are questions attuned with the precision of Metal, offering up the perfect opportunity to practice mastering the opposing forces of action and surrender.

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Be Free From Hormonal Symptoms and Tune-In to Your Inner Compass (Recording Inside)

Two years ago I closed the doors to my clinical practice in New York, NY and transitioned to remote consulting. In doing so, I've been able to hone in on the specific tools to help women transform symptoms, break-free from limiting beliefs and step-in to a life of purpose.

It's been amazing.

When women begin the journey of transforming hormonal symptoms, their whole world opens up. And vice-versa. When a women is in alignment with her truth and deeply lit-up by her life, her hormones (and health) fall into balance. This seemingly effortless effect is not random, and when harnessed, women have the ability to unlock limitless wisdom and potential in any moment - because of their hormones.

I've learned these truths from my work with women, my studies and my own healing journey. Over the years I've identified key patterns within women's health so that any woman can vividly step into a life on purpose and free from symptoms.

Learn how in my first-ever Tele-Class Recording below.


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