Find Hormonal Balance AND Intuitive Connection Through Fire and Water

I speak to my community and my clients a lot about the link between female reproductive hormones and intuition - the combination offers up guidance for your health and life decisions.  My own intuitive guidance and my fifteen-plus years experience in women's health have proved this theory time and time again. Additionally, the wisdom of Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a very practical way of verifying this claim through it's knowledge of the heart-kidney connection.

The Five Elements

The five-elements and their attributed organ systems of Chinese Medicine are:

  • Fire (heart/small intestine)
  • Earth (spleen/stomach)
  • Metal (lung/large intestine)
  • Water (kidney/bladder)
  • Wood (liver/gall-bladder)

Each of these elements and organ systems play a significant role in reproductive hormonal health, but the heart-kidney (or, fire-water) access is the one most dominant when it comes to the link between hormones and your inner wisdom.

Fire: Your Passion Matters

Fire (the heart) offers a balanced warmth and circulation to the entire system, infusing it with passion and desire. This system functions optimally when there is appropriate heat in the body, and also when you are in alignment with your inner joy. The Heart is the spark that drives all the other systems in the body, and is also responsible for igniting your desires, passion and pleasure that are in alignment with your truth.

True desire is vitally important to your health. Often, desire can get shoved aside as being a luxury - when in fact it is a necessity. What lights you up is the life-force behind everything in your body and life. If there is no connection to or expression for it, you'll experience imbalance in your life, health and likely your hormones.

Water: Your Deep Inner Truth

Water (the kidneys) are responsible for reproduction - the very foundation of female sex hormones. Whether or not you are trying to reproduce (aka: want a baby), your physiology is wired to create. And not create just anything, but something with deep purpose for you. Whether it's a baby, a career, a romance, a sculpture, a painting, a book, a friendship or all of the above - the kidneys house the essence behind soulful creation and inner truth.

From a TCM standpoint, the origination of inner wisdom, purpose and hormones are pages from the same book. Water is naturally cool, slow and deep - a holding space for these attributes. In order for your truth come into expression and manifest your gifts into the world - or for your hormones to cascade in perfect harmony - you need the spark of fire to circulate them.

The Heart-Kidney Access

The interaction between fire and water is called the Heart-Kidney Access. It creates the ability to harmoniously connect to and circulate your unique purpose in your life, in addition to balanced hormonal rhythm. Fire warms the truth of water so it can be circulated, and water cools the heat of fire to keep it anchored. They balance and mutually enhance each other - without water there is no connection to your truth and without fire that truth cannot be expressed through your passion.

If the heart-kidney connection isn't communicating, common symptoms women experience include:

  • general malaise
  • lack of joy
  • low-grade anxiety or agitation
  • difficulty falling asleep
  • difficulty staying asleep
  • amenorrhea
  • irregular menstruation
  • insufficient luteal phase (or progesterone deficiency)
  • delayed ovulation
  • infertility

In addition to the heart and kidney communicating properly, the vertical access between them intersects with the Chong Meridian. The Chong is one of the eight extraordinary meridians - the first meridians created in-utero. Before there were physical organs and structures to your body, the extraordinary meridians were developed. They house the blueprint for your existence - physically, spiritually and energetically. If the heart-kidney access is the benevolent queen ruling her kingdom, the Chong meridian are the angels who speak to her.

The Chong Meridian is your intuitive source.

You have the ability to access the deep reservoir of wisdom in the Chong Meridian by cultivating harmony in the heart-kidney access. It is said in the ancient texts that on Cycle Day 21 of a woman's menstrual cycle, the Chong intersects with the HT-KD access to create life. From Western Medicine, we know cycle-day 21 to beroughly seven days post-ovulation - the day where implantation day would occur if pregnancy was trying to be achieved.

When everything is aligned for creation through self-care and balance, it is the Chong who decides when life can come through - it is the "magic" behind conception.

This miracle of conception certainly plays a role when I counsel women on optimizing fertility, but it also relates to a woman's general connection to her purpose and truth. The Chong contains the magic behind manifesting your deepest desires in this world, and you always have access to it via your intuition - that little voice inside.

How to Support Your Heart-Kidney Access

Strengthening intuition and resolving hormonal symptoms are two sides of the same coin. By supporting one side, the other naturally strengthens. When I work with clients, it depends where the level of crises is greatest - the psyche or the body - and that's where we enter. You can support the the heart-kidney access and strengthen the Chong-intuitive connection through these simple at-home exercises:

  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Laughter
  • Journaling
  • Essential Oils of Sandalwood (rub onto sternum of chest)
  • Deep, Restorative Sleep