Natural Relief for Seasonal Allergies

Natural Relief for Seasonal Allergies

There is nothing quite as annoying as allergy season - believe me, I know. In my teens and early 20's I suffered from debilitating allergy symptoms that plagued me all year long. When I met my husband, he was suffering as well, and when I went into clinical practice I was shocked at the number of people who are also afflicted by seasonal (or perpetual) allergies.

It's almost ubiquitous with being human, and this shouldn't be the case. We are natural beings living in a natural world, and we should  be able to do so without discomfort. After many years of trying all sorts of natural remedies, I finally found a way to understand (and heal) this condition from the root.

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Insatiable Interview with Ali Shapiro

When holistic nutritionist and integrative health coach Ali Shapiro contacted me to be on her "Insatiable" podcast - I instantly blushed. Me? You see, I've been following Ali's work for years, and continue to be inspired by not only her knowledge but her frank enthusiasm for healing ourselves from the root. She's a total powerhouse.

It is my deep-held belief that we need to collectively change the conversation about female-fertility to encompass all phases of life - NOT just baby-making. Our conversation does just that - with a strong emphasis on peri- and post menopause transitions. I've never done an interview like this - I hope you find it insightful and please pass along to women in your life who might benefit.

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What Your Period Is Trying to Tell You

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Katie Hess is one of my favorite people on the planet - her story, her passion, her flowers...many of you know how often I recommend her products clinically (and I use them daily). She is truly a modern alchemist. So when she asked me to join her for a second time on her Flowerlounge Podcast the only answer was an enthusiastic "yes"!

There is so much mystery in the world of women's health and physiology, and I'm passionate about women reclaiming this wisdom. If you struggle with painful periods, ever wondered what the symptoms surrounding your period really mean, or want a deeper connection with your hormonal rhythm, then please listen in and pass along to other women in your life who might benefit!

Symptom-free periods ARE possible, and not only is it important to take care of any imbalance to serve your immediate quality of life, but it will set you up for a lifetime of vibrant health and chronic disease prevention.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Eastern vs. Western approaches to the menstrual cycle
  • Way of working towards a symptom-free menstrual cycle: herbs, supplements, and practices!
  • The one supplement that everyone needs + why
  • What's the deal with the birth control pill?! Dangers of using it + safer, natural alternatives 
  • Noticing the Yin/Yang patterns in your cycle + how to use that information to harness your intuition, right timing + power each month
  • Erin's favorite supplements for hormonal + overall balance
  • A little bit of Western Science - the role of inflammation, blood sugar, and gut dysbiosis in hormonal imbalance (aka = PMS and painful periods)
  • Basic Foods, Herbs and Lifestyle to Support each of the phases with practical home remedies

Two Ways to Turmeric

Two Ways to Turmeric

Turmeric is a common kitchen spice, but it is also a potent health tonic and herbal remedy - taking it's rightful place in the spotlight of many health food stores, juice bars and cuisines. Truly, Turmeric is a wildly beneficial food, and this post will highlight just why you'd want to include it in your health regimen and my two favorite recipes to use it.

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