The Metal Element (+ Recipe)

The Metal Element (+ Recipe)

This is an auspicious time of year - for both our physical and spiritual health. Autumn is ruled by the Metal Element, bringing clarity and inspiration, along with grief and vulnerability. It is both cutting and tender, often manifesting in emotional turmoil or decreased immunity. The Metal Element relates to the Lung and Large Intestine organs, making these areas particularly susceptible to ailments this time of year (think of that pesky cough that just won't quit, or chronic digestive symptoms).

Let's dive in to understand a bit more about the Metal Element as it relates to our health, finishing with one of my favorite Metal Element Recipes: Roasted Pears with Honey.

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Reassembling Our Hormonal Puzzle - Guest Post On Kelly Brogan MD

There is a significant disconnect today in the world of women’s health. In many traditional healing systems, women’s wisdom was passed down between grandmothers and mothers, daughters and sisters. Female fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding, post partum and menopause were spoken about, learned and embraced. Women empowered one another, allowing them to thrive in their own physiology and make appropriate choices in service of their health.

Somewhere along the way, this conversation among women vanished, leaving us confused, overwhelmed and in fear of our own cycles, fertility and bodies. Many of us turn our hormones over to prescription birth control (myself included for nearly a decade). We’ve willingly relinquished our birthright of knowledge, and I believe women are suffering because of it.

Continuing reading over at Kelly Brogan MD's informative site where I illustrate six key benefits for reconnecting to our hormonal physiology and my time-tested road map for balancing hormones naturally.