Homemade Cashew Milk


There are many reasons that you might choose to use a non-dairy milk in your nutrition plan - I find them both pleasing to taste and easy to digest. Plus, they are also incredibly easy to make! This post features my favorite non-dairy milk, how to make it, and why you'd want to. Enjoy!

I am not dairy-free, and enjoy raw-cream in my coffee each morning and other diary items from time-to-time (though I choose raw dairy whenever I can). But, I do appreciate the taste and health benefits of non-dairy milks, and have actually found that I prefer them in many beverages like hot tea or smoothies.

The thing about store-bought nut-milks is that they often contain a host of other ingredients and preservatives, namely, Carageenan which is a known carcinogen. Guzzling back these processed ingredients undoes all the health benefits you are trying to accomplish by choosing non-dairy milk in the first place!

The good news is, they are incredibly easy to make - so you know all the ingredients and I find homemade nut-milks actually taste much better than pre-made varieties. Once you have the basic technique down, you can make delicious nut milks with almonds, hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts - the sky is the limit!

Below is my favorite recipe for Cashew Milk - the queen of all nut-milks in my opinion. Enjoy!

Cashew Milk

This is a deliciously creamy and flavorful nut-milk - by far my favorite choice for smoothies, Golden Milk or just to sip.

Like most nuts, Cashews are packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Cashews contain the lowest fiber of most nuts, which is what gives this milk such a buttery texture. Consumption of cashews has been linked to cancer prevention, heart health, and weight maintenance - and their very shape signifies their significance as a potent fertility food and kidney tonic.


  1. Soak 1 cup Cashews in 2 cups Filtered Water for 5 hours, or up to overnight
  2. Strain the Cashews and discard the Water
  3. In a blender, place: Soaked Cashews, Two Cups Filtered Water, Pinch Sea Salt and 1-2 Pitted Dates
  4. Blend on High until liquefied (if using a Vitamix or other high-speek blender, your milk will be perfectly smooth and creamy at this point, move to step 6. If using a regular blender, go to step 5)
  5. Strain the milk through a "nut-milk-bag" or cheese cloth to remove any pulp
  6. Store Cashew Milk in air-tight container in the fridge. Use within 4-5 days.

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