Warm Winter Smoothie Recipe

Warm Winter Smoothie Recipe

Some might call this "soup" - but I like to call it my nourishing, warm winter smoothie! In my last post, we uncovered some of the hazards of regular (frozen) smoothie consumption, and how to consciously create smoothies in service of your health and hormonal goals.

This recipe is a great substitution for a raw smoothie, especially during the cold winter months. It's a pureed blend of a variety of greens and vegetables, nourishing protein, tastes great and when prepared ahead of time can provide a quick reheated meal throughout the week.

Sounds kinda like a smoothie to me, no?

But instead of taxing your system, it will bolster the digestive energy, enhance nutrient absorption, offers up cellular renewal to the tissues of the body and combats free-radical damage...full recipe below.

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