Be Free From Hormonal Symptoms and Tap-In To Your Inner Compass

Do you feel so exhausted around your period that you can barely function?

Are you so knocked-out by pain with your period that you need to take a sick day? (or two?)

Do you feel like every little thing irritates you…All. The. Time?

Are you so bloated that you need different pant-sizes throughout your cycle?

Do you wonder each month when (or if) your period will come?


Join me LIVE on July 13th at 4pm EST

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Your symptoms are signals of a deeper imbalance. This free, one-hour tele-seminar will help you understand and befriend your hormonal communication and rhythm – a lost wisdom in today's world. Every month is a fertile opportunity for growth – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In my lifetime as a woman, and my nearly twenty years experience in women’s health, I’ve learned these truths about female reproductive hormones:


  • Your hormonal rhythm is WISE, not random
  • Your hormones are a GIFT, not a curse
  • Your hormones offer DIRECT ACCESS to intuition and inner guidance
  • Your hormones are an OPPORTUNITY to integrate all areas of your life and health


What you may not know is the effect that your life has on your hormones. The choices you make on a daily basis – from what to have for breakfast to what to do for a career – inevitably impact your health. Hormones are the barometer to living a life in alignment with your purpose.


In this free, one-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What Hormones Are and Why They Matter
  • When (and how) to Take Notice of Your Hormonal Health
  • My top 3 ways to balance hormones, naturally (no matter what your symptoms are)


Be free from hormonal symptoms and tap-in to your inner compass. Join Me.

Thursday, July 13th at 4pm EST

(audio-recording available for women who register in advance)