A 1:1 Coaching Program to Amplify Your Fertility and Help You Conceive Naturally

The decisions you make before you get pregnant matter. By uncovering your unique fertile landscape, and practical ways to nourish it, you will set the stage of vibrant health of generations to come.

If you are ready to be a mother now, know you want to be one one day, or wanting to grow your family this package is for you.

You'll receive individualized, holistic health guidance, practical tools and comprehensive communication to support the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation that comes with wanting a new baby. The wisdom of your body and the wisdom of Chinese Medicine will show us the way and create a foundation of fertility.

Maybe you are...

...Looking to preserve your fertility to become pregnant one day (or in preparation for egg freezing)?

...Just started trying to get pregnant?

...Ready for baby number two (or three)?

...Worried hormonal symptoms will inhibit getting pregnant?

...Dealing with an endocrine disorder like Endometriosis or PCOS standing in the way of your fertility?

...Concerned about your age? And if having a baby is really even possible?

...Working with an RE or OB and want natural tools to support this process (and improve pregnancy outcomes)?

...Feeling scared, confused or even betrayed by your body?


You've com to the right place. I work with women in their 20's, 30's, 40's and even 50's to help their dream of becoming a mother turn into a reality. Whether you are just starting out on your journey or already using some form of ART (Assisted Reproductive Therapies - including Egg Freezing, IUI, IVF, FET, Donor Egg or Sperm) - I can help.

My natural, holistic, approach to fertility can integrate with any other modality out there. Together, we'll create a path that not only leads to a baby, but offering you more joy and enhanced intuitive guidance in the process.

If you are looking for a personal guide to offer practical tools, informational support, emotional transformation and hold space for your unique journey - this package is for you.

I started working with Erin remotely in July 2016. This was an emotional time for me as I had just finished breast cancer treatment in Feb 2016, and was waiting for my period to come back in the hopes of getting pregnant. Within a short time working with her over the phone and email my period came back, and within 3 months my husband and I were blessed to be pregnant.
— Liza, age 35

Who Am I?

Why, hello! I'm Erin. I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist, have a Masters in Chinese Medicine and am Board Certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine. I'm also a mom to three children, who were all born at home. I'm a labor doula and have trained with many traditional healers and in several hospitals around the world.

I ran my private acupuncture and herbal medicine practice in New York City, NY adjacent to a Reproductive Endocrinology clinic, where I was able to witness firsthand an "East Meets West" approach to fertility. It was during these seven years that I honed my expertise in perinatal support. This experience taught me the benefits and limitations to both natural and medical interventions to infertility, and when to best draw on which.

I am deeply honored and humbled to help women achieve healthy pregnancy. I believe the greatest gift we can give to the planet is to have healthy children - and this starts by creating healthy women.

I have also witnessed the struggle it can be for many women and couples to conceive, and the emotional weight of that stress. It doesn't have to be this way. Your fertility journey is so much more than becoming a mother, but it is a deep reverence for and connection to your innate wisdom and potential.

This is a main reason why I transitioned my clinical practice online, to be able to offer more comprehensive support through mirroring, reflection and coaching - addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects to the fertility journey as well as physical support.


Over the Course of Four-Months, You'll Receive:

A 90-Minute Initial Consultation

  • Video Call with Full Chinese Medicine Health Assessment
  • Uncover Your Unique Constitutional Patterning
  • Root-Cause Imbalance Identification
  • Individualized Strategy Plan
  • How-To Track Your Fertility
  • Customized Herbal Blend*
  • Supplement Strategy*
  • Fertility Nourishment Plan, tailored to you

*Herbal formulas, elixers, teas, oils, supplements and other suggestions are NOT included in the coaching package fee. Recommendations can range from $150-$300 per month additional, depending on the case.

Eleven (11) Follow Up Calls, 50 minutes Each

  • Three Phone or Video Sessions per Month, 50-min each
  • Review Symptoms and Progress
  • Update Strategy Plan as Needed
  • Establish Unique Hormonal Blueprint via BBT (if applicable)
  • Fertility Counseling - integrating informational support for Western Reproductive Therapies if applicable
  • Support Accountability via Consistent Calls
  • Set Weekly Intentions
  • Transform Difficult Emotions
  • Intuitive Life Coaching to Reverse Limiting Beliefs or Destructive Habits
  • Five-Element Integration: Seasonal Health, Intuitive Coaching Themes, Constitutional Patterns and Tendencies
  • Energy Healing: Receive a Distance Energy Healing before each session together.
  • Final Session Strategy Plan for Continued Success

Email Support

  • 24/7 Direct Email Access to Erin
  • Cyclical and Hormonal Evaluations
  • Consistent Clarification
  • Consistent Support and Accountability
  • Consistent Witness to Your Growth and Transformation

Welcome Package

  • A uniquely curated gift, from me to you, including some delicious Tea, Oil and a personal Journal


Why Four Months?

  1. Improve Egg Quality - the minimum time to affect ovarian quality is three months, so you'll know you've deeply changed the landscape of your fertility by the end of our time together.
  2. Resolve Symptoms - we will evaluate progress based on cyclical or systemic symptom resolution, including BBT analysis (if relevant). In addition to nourishing your fertility we'll get you in the best health of your life.
  3. Transform Emotions - through consistent coaching calls and email support.


We'll get YOU back in the drivers seat of your fertility, so you can find more joy and confidence on the road to conception.


Investment:  $3400 (paid in full - payment plans available upon request)


Say "Yes"

I'd love to support you.

Because the nature of this package requires comprehensive commitment and support, I'm only able to work with a select few women per month. Please set up a complimentary 20-min call via the button below to continue the conversation.


I conceived and carried three pregnancies full-term with healthy deliveries under Erin’s care. Erin has deep knowledge and intuition about each of her clients, and is able to personalize care and get results. I would definitely recommend Erin to anyone looking to increase their fertility, have a safe and healthy pregnancy, or just improve their general health and well-being!
— Shannon, Age 42
I came to Erin with the hopes of trying to conceive at the age of 48 with my frozen eggs. I love working with Erin. She is has an impeccable bed side manner, is super supportive, empathetic and sympathetic. A woman wise beyond her years. I knew that I was receiving the best treatment in preparation for my implantation, and conceived and birthed a healthy baby girl. I supplemented with herbal formulas (and still do post partum).
— Ivette, age 49
Spending time talking openly with Erin, and having someone I could cry to and confide in was so important to me. She kept me feeling that I was doing the right things, encouraging me to think positive thoughts and not to blame myself for waiting until I was too old to have a baby or things like that. She gave me tips for other things I could do beyond our visits (e.g., foods to eat, vitamins, taking my temperature). I felt truly cared for and it helped a lot. Thank you for helping us have our little angel!
— Keri, age 36
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About Erin

Erin is a Transformational Health Coach, with a clinical background in Women's Reproductive Health and Chinese Medicine. She has her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, clinical experience working in renowned hospitals such as NYU Medical Center (NYC, NY), the VA Hospital (NYC, NY), Zhejiang Hospital (Hangzhou, China), Planned Parenthood (San Diego, CA), Lutheran Medical Center (Brooklyn, NY) and seven years in private practice (Grow Wellness Acupuncture, NYC).

She uses her fifteen years of clinical experience to provide her clients with a comprehensive holistic health strategy specific to individual needs and goals. It is her belief that true and lasting healing must integrate emotional and spiritual aspects, which she addresses via consistent coaching calls.