Who are your typical clients?

My clients range from corporate professionals, healers, artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and more. I work with full time moms, working moms and aspiring moms. I work with women in all hormonal transitions (such as fertility, peri menopause and post-partum) and I work with women struggling with hormonal disorders (such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis). I work with women of all ages. I also work with with women who aren't necessarily facing a physical concern but are struggling to get the spark back in their lives so they can live with more joy.

Is there a big time-commitment involved?

Not necessarily, suggestions are tailored to individual needs. My clients are seeking effective, natural solutions that can be implemented easily into their busy lives, without compromising already fulfilling engagements and ambitions such as a demanding professional career or full family life. They may not have access to (or time for) regular holistic treatment sessions and are looking for practical tools and botanical remedies without carving out several hours a week to commute to appointments. I work with your unique needs to optimize a plan for lasting change and success.

How radical are your suggestions?

A certain level of commitment to change and openness to new ideas are necessary to see positive results when coaching with me. While I absolutely honor each clients unique needs and boundaries, your full participation, honest commitment and communication are vital to successful outcomes. Just remember, even if a suggestion is uncomfortable, you can do anything for a month. You won't ever know whats on the other side of your resistance until you go through it.

Do I have to take herbs?

While it is not required to take an herbal formula, and in certain cases may not be indicated or appropriate, one of my missions in life is to empower and educate my clients on the wonderful therapeutic benefits of herbs so they can be used as a first line of defense (rather than a last resort!). This doesn't mean you have to care about understanding herbs as much as I do, of course, but some level of openness to incorporating herbal suggestions into your regimen is strongly encouraged when working with me.

What if a suggestion isn't working? Or I have a strange reaction (such as detoxification symptoms)?

The cornerstone of personalized care is communication. For this reason, I make myself available by email between our sessions. My clients are willing to implement herbal, nutritional and lifestyle suggestions that might be outside their comfort zone - and provide their honest feedback along the way.

Do I have to know a lot about a natural or non toxic lifestyle?

Absolutely not. My clients are busy women who are looking for natural ways to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, achieve specific health goals (such as weight loss or pregnancy) and step fully into their vibrant life. They have perhaps already witnessed the results of a non-toxic lifestyle and natural healing modalities, or this might be their first dive in. We will go through all you need to know in a level of detail that makes sense for wherever you are at.


Individual Strategy Call

If you think you might want to embark on a coaching relationship with Erin, the first thing to do is fill in the contact form so she can connect with you by email and set up the coaching session or package most appropriate for you.

What does a sample individual call look like?

Each coaching call will be uniquely designed around each clients specific goals. Typically, a one hour call will be split into two parts: the first part focusing on client health history intake and feedback from any previous calls; and the second part to dive into specific plans involving constitutional nutrition, herbal formulations and lifestyle strategies. Formal coaching sessions aren't just about food and herbal management though, they are a place to express whatever might be coming up in your life as you transition, and engage with an experienced health professional for non-judgemental insight and perspective.

What if the individual call is enough for me as a new client?

That's great! While I love the opportunity to really get to know my clients through a coaching package, there is no reason to engage in a longer relationship if the need isn't there. And embarking on a single call is by no means a guarantee of a longer working relationship together. Maybe we aren't a good fit, or maybe you just needed a quick check-in with an outside perspective.

Can I get a custom formula during an individual call?

As a new client, a custom formula may not be available without subsequent coaching sessions lined up. This is because the nature of custom formulas is in finding the right fit for each client, and this can take weeks of trial and feedback. Patented herbal suggestions may be made for new clients not looking to continue regular calls. Established clients who have previously been on custom formulations may receive a new custom blend during an individual session.


Coaching Packages

Can I custom design a package duration?

I do not offer custom designed packages at this time. I've created the 3- and 6-months packages (5 and 10 sessions, respectively) based on my experience working with clients and the time it takes to make a true shift in health and life goals. Generally speaking, five sessions is the minimum to transform through implementing change and accountability. In the rare case I'll begin work with a new client for less than five sessions, it will need to be engaged via my ala carte individual sessions.

Can I get a refund?

I want you to be deeply and 200%  satisfied with our experience working together. If you're not, for whatever reason, a full refund for un-used sessions is available. I ask, however, that you make this decision within one month of our initial session for the 5-session package and within two months of our initial session for the 10-session package.

What if I want to discontinue coaching half way through our package?

If the 1- or 2-month grace period for your refund has passed, I cannot offer a refund. I take your commitment to our work very seriously, and prioritize my availability for new clients based on existing ones (potentially, you!). This includes my time that I set aside for our calls, but also the time I set aside evaluating your case, researching on your behalf and email support. If you really feel like we are at a standstill, then it's advisable we take a little break (this often brings clarity to how we can shift our strategy to realign our working relationship). You'll have until the expiration date of your package to use any remaining sessions. Alternatively, you can gift your sessions to a friend or family member. After they've had their strategy call, I'll apply your remaining package sessions to their future coaching.

Are coaching calls video or audio call?

If herbal support will be part of your coaching plan, I require the first call to be via video call. I receive valuable information on the best botanicals for your unique self based on complexion and tongue evaluation. I leave the choice of audio or video preference up to the client once an herbal plan has been established.

What is a sample coaching call like?

The first call is usually more of a medical history and physical symptom intake, so herbal and nutritional protocols can be established. From there, our hour-long calls cater to whatever the client needs in that moment. Similar to a life coach, the call will wander where it needs, while keeping on somewhat of a schedule to make sure all areas are covered. We might be figuring out a problem, designing a dream, re-evaluating a plan, offering guidance on new techniques that are being implemented, reviewing nutrition journals or fertility charting.

How are results measured?

Honest and consistent communication is the cornerstone of successful results. Through email communication, regular coaching calls, and detailed logs (such as food, symptom and fertility logs) we can navigate changes as they come up and amend our strategy appropriately. Another crucial component to success is client compliance, and communication increases this aspect. If you are unable to integrate suggestions we discuss, please tell me. This way, we can evolve the strategy together, rather than spin our wheels on why we aren't seeing results. As you embark on your road to transformed health, there is bound to be some growing pains - this is a good thing! Commitment to the plan and honest communication are imperative so we can evaluate success.

Do I prepare for our calls?

Yes! I will send a confirmation email a few days prior to our scheduled call and ask for a quick update where you are at. The goal for our calls is to be sure you get to communicate freely and completely in the time allowed, and receive whatever guidance or tools necessary. You'll also get an action plan on the phone and by email that you can work on between sessions.

Ongoing Support

Is there email access to Erin?

Yes! The best way to stay in touch between sessions is by email. I make myself available through email from your first coaching call until one week after the last call on your package. Use this email support as much as you need - for updates, questions or concerns. The more you communicate, the better I can serve you. I do not respond to emails on Sundays, and will return your email usually within 24 hours.

What about when my package is complete? Can I still email you?

Absolutely! I love to stay connected with my clients, and still receive updates from many of my former clients who have long-since hired me for services. The good, the hard - I love to stay up on it all. Another great way to keep in touch is via Instagram, where I spend most of my social media time. If you have a question or need an herbal refill, we can set up an ala cart session to address your concerns.


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