It is my mission to empower women with the tools and knowledge to understand the profound wisdom within their physiology - so you can live a purposeful life that is symptom-free. My work integrates Chinese Medicine, herbal blends, nourishment plans and intuitive life coaching to address the mind-body-spirit connection.

Women's physiology is a complex interplay of beautiful dynamic - one that strives, and knows, how to be in a state of health. "Symptoms" (or discomforts) are how our body communicates to us that in some way we are out of balance. The juxtaposition of a woman's emotions in relationship to uncomfortable symptoms is as important to address as symptom-relief. Women under my care may be struggling with one of the following complaints:

  • Menstrual Symptoms: Irregular Periods, PMS, Painful Periods (including Endometriosis), Heavy Periods, Cystic Ovaries (including PCOS)
  • Post Partum Support: Mood Changes, Energy Changes, Sleep Deprivation, Digestive Changes, Breast Milk Supply (over or under production), Regaining of Self Identity
  • Infertility (see more in next section)
  • Peri- or Post-Menopause Changes: Insomnia, Weight Gain, Hot Flashes, Irritability or Mental Fatigue
  • Emotional/Mood Changes
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or other Digestive Imbalance
  • Post-Birth Control Re-Balancing

Fertility Support

Whether you are ready to get pregnant naturally, or using Assisted Reproductive Therapy, I operate my fertility guidance under the assumption that your body is not broken - that you are whole, and that your capacity for mothering a child is possible.

It is truly the ultimate act of surrender and sacrifice pursing parenthood, and I take the time to fully integrate this process on a physical, emotional and spiritual level with my clients. By serving you in your fertility goals, we are also impacting the health of future generations, which is a true gift.

Wherever you are on your fertility journey, I have practical tools and solutions for:

  • Fertility Preservation (for conceiving at a later date, or in preparation for egg freezing)
  • Boosting Fertility through regulating ovulation and hormone imbalance
  • Optimizing Fertility through Basal Body Temp Charting
  • Offering Natural Support alongside Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART), such as IUI, IVF or FET
  • Preparing for Pregnancy via donor egg
  • "Unexplained Infertility"

Children's Health

It wasn't until I became a mother that I truly understood the complexity of making informed choices on behalf of my children's nourishment and treatment approach. In addition to understanding the evidence of what works, we also must tap into our mother-bear-intuition with unabashed confidence. Because my pediatric coaching is done primarily with the parent (unless the child is of age to appropriately engage in the call), we are able to integrate all of these areas within the scope of care. With children, I use a food-first approach and integrate custom and patented pediatric herbal blends as needed for chronic concerns like:

  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Chronic Skin Issues
  • Chronic Digestive Issues
  • Chronic Immune Concerns (persistent cough, recurrent ear infections, etc)

Natural Tools For Transformation

With a truly individualized approach to each client's care, the following time-tested, safe, and approachable natural solutions are integrated with each client consultation to solve hormonal imbalance:

1.  Botanicals

Erin is board certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine, has over twelve years clinical experience in Chinese Herbal Medicine and is a continuing education student of Western Herbalism. She draws on her expert knowledge of the plant world to offer safe and effective solutions. Many herbs are safe to use alongside certain pharmaceutical medications - including fertility medications, thyroid medications and hormone replacement therapy.

Botanicals recommended during your coaching relationship are essential to comprehensive care, and come in three basic forms:

  1. Your Custom Formulated Combination: usually (but not always) rooted in Chinese Herbalism, it will be continually adjusted to fit your unique and evolving needs. Custom blended formulas are most often prescribed in the form of freeze-dried granule extracts, to be reconstituted with water. Pills, tinctures, teas, whole herbs or essential oils may also be used.
  2. Culinary Herbs and Spices: Many foods are herbs! And you probably use them daily. Learn which support your unique constitution and goals best.
  3. Carefully Selected Supplements: While our goal is to get you feeling great with whole foods, carefully selected supplements are recommended for most coaching clients as a way to boost nutritional reserves.

Note: Herbal formulations and supplements are NOT supplied from the coaching practitioner NOR included in consultation costs. The cost of herbs and supplements is case-dependent, and can range from $150-$250 per month. Erin is not a medical doctor and does not replace your primary care provider - please discuss with your doctor prior to beginning any herbs or supplements.

2. Nutrition

Food absolutely plays a dramatic role in the intricate synergy of health, informing every system in our body - from endocrine to inflammatory. Your consulting appointments will include an in-depth analysis of what healthy food is for your unique constitution and health goals.

While some of Erin's nutrition suggestions might surprise or challenge your comfort zone, she will always come back to the whole woman paradigm and find creative solutions to support unique lifestyles and values. Restrictive food plans, or an elimination diet, may be suggested for a short period of time to achieve quick, therapeutic results. However, the long term strategy of her nutrition coaching is to get you where you want to go through a non-restrictive, lifelong relationship with healing food.

Erin's formal training is in Chinese Medicine Food Therapy, which interweaves the energetic quality of individual foods into human physiology based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. In addition to her Chinese Medicine training in Food Therapy, Erin draws on other nutritional lineages such as Traditional Foods, the Weston A Price Foundation, Paleolithic Diet, Simple Carbohydrate Diet and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet. All dramatic diet changes should always be discussed first with your doctor.

3. Coaching and Lifestyle

Natural remedies increase the connection to ourselves by amplifying the awareness of our inner and outer environment. This internal consciousness trumps all - it is your lifeline in times of struggle and your power in times of strength and we cannot speak about hormone balance and not about this intuitive guidance system that all women have. The intuitive coaching aspect of Erin's work is what sets her apart from other health coaches or life coaches out there - she is truly able to bridge the gap between your symptoms and your life.

Through honest communication, Erin empowers clients to take strategic actions to change their own experience and transform struggle. She can help you uncover beliefs that can be shed so you can connect to your authentic self and reach your limitless capabilities. What we practice on a daily basis changes the foundation of who we are - from how we think to the expression of our DNA. This is the true power of holistic health coaching - mind, body and spirit.