Chinese Herbal Medicine

Erin holds an active National Board Certification in Chinese Herbal Medicine, has her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, over fifteen years clinical experience in Chinese Herbal Medicine - including pharmacy management and clinical prescribing in various facilities in the USA and China.

The Chinese material medical includes over 6,000 individual substances. A typical practitioner will use between 300 and 400 of these substances on a routine basis. Most of these are plants but minerals and animal parts are also used. Typical Chinese Formulas range between 10-20 individual herbs, and may be prescribed in the form of pre-existing patents (such as pills, tinctures or syrups) or in a custom blend.

Custom formulas allow for the practitioner to create the formula specific to individual needs and goals. Custom blended formulas are most often prescribed in the form of freeze-dried granule extracts (powders), to be reconstituted with water. Pills, tinctures, teas, whole herbs or essential oils may also be used.

Many herbs are safe to use alongside certain pharmaceutical medications - including fertility medications, thyroid medications and hormone replacement therapy. A unique plan for you will be determined after your Initial Health Evaluation.

Western Herbs

Erin is an eternal student of Western Herbalism, and is a Certified Women's Herbal Educator through Dr. Aviva Romm. The beautiful aspect to Western Herbalism is their accessibility - many of which you probably have right now in your spice or herbal tea cabinet (maybe even growing in your own back yard!).

Western herbs are most often recommended in pre-made blends or single extracts, many of which are available at your local health food store. Custom tea or herbal recipes may be used on occasion, depending on the case.

Carefully Selected Supplements

While our goal is to get you feeling great with whole foods, carefully selected supplements are recommended for many clients as a way to boost nutritional reserves.


Note: Herbal formulations and supplements are NOT included in consultation costs. The cost of herbs and supplements is case-dependent, and can range from $150-$250 per month. Erin is not a medical doctor and does not replace your primary care provider - please discuss with your doctor prior to beginning any herbs or supplements.



Food plays a dramatic role in the intricate synergy of health, informing every system in your body - from endocrine to inflammatory. Your appointments will include an in-depth analysis of what healthy food is for your unique constitution and health goals.

While some of Erin's nutrition suggestions might surprise or challenge your comfort zone, she will always come back to the whole woman paradigm and find creative solutions to support unique lifestyles and values. Restrictive food plans, or an elimination diet, may be suggested for a short period of time to achieve quick, therapeutic results. However, the long term strategy of her nutrition coaching is to get you where you want to go through a non-restrictive, lifelong relationship with healing food.

Erin's formal training is in Chinese Medicine Food Therapy, which interweaves the energetic quality of individual foods into human physiology based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. In addition to her Chinese Medicine training in Food Therapy, Erin draws on other nutritional lineages such as Traditional Foods, the Weston A Price Foundation, Paleolithic Diet, Simple Carbohydrate Diet and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet. All dramatic diet changes should always be discussed first with your doctor.


Coaching and Lifestyle

Natural remedies increase the connection to yourself by amplifying the awareness of your inner and outer environment. This internal consciousness trumps all - it is your lifeline in times of struggle and your power in times of strength and we cannot speak about women's health and not about this intuitive guidance system within each of us.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a unique way of understanding the natural world, and the health of the human body within it. A strong focus on temperatures, energetic frequency, and the five-elements weaves through everything from choosing the appropriate acupuncture point to ideal foods, habits or lifestyle choices.

Through honest communication, Erin empowers her clients to take strategic actions to change their own experience and transform struggle. She can help you uncover beliefs that can be shed so you can connect to your authentic self and reach your limitless capabilities. What we practice on a daily basis changes the foundation of who we are - from how we think to the expression of our DNA. This is the true power of healing from the root - mind, body and spirit.

Erin is instrumental in positively changing the lives of the many fortunate people who are her patients. I have the highest respect for Erin as a person as well as a clinician.
— Mike Berkley, The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness in NYC
I was fortunate enough to work with Erin as I prepared for my first pregnancy. Her grasp of Chinese herbal medicine is profound and I found the custom herbal formulas she prescribed had deep and lasting effects, particularly in how well I felt postpartum. Erin is also my go to inspiration for nutrition and food based healing. I love her recipes! She has transformed my way of eating in so many ways. She melds the compassionate listening of a doula, the sharp intuitive guidance of a clinician, and the nurturing patience of a mom to her practice. Its truly a gift to work with her!
— Katinka Locascio, founder of Earth and Sky Healing Arts in New York